Published Articles

Survey: 80% of GPs often spend less than 40 minutes on care plans

Fewer than one in five respondents support the proposed new rule.
15 January 2019

Why the MBS Review report is so alarming for GPs

COMMENT: And where did they get that 40-minute figure?
10 January 2019

MBS Review: Its 7-point plan for general practice

Proposals include funding patients to enrol with their practice.
07 January 2019

MBS Review: Draft blueprint for care plans revealed

Medicare task force releases long-awaited report on the future of GP MBS funding.
07 January 2019

Doctors urge PM to legislate staffing ratios in nursing homes

The call comes on the back of several incidents involving alleged abuse of residents.
17 December 2018

Is GP antenatal shared care working? Take our survey

Australian Doctor is looking to gauge doctors' experiences with shared care.
20 November 2018

GPs warn of being duped by corporates over billing rorts

Doctors under investigation point the finger at employers.
22 October 2018

Ollo Health, Olovus and Open House Clinics were rejected ... here's what GP corporate Primary will be called now

It appears company bosses rejected 'Olovus' and 'Open House Clinics'.
19 October 2018

Analysis: Could the MBS review deliver Hunt's golden election ticket?

Why would Greg Hunt deliver anything big for general practice when he's got the MBS Taskforce?
12 October 2018

AMA threatens to walk over mishandling of PIP incentives

'We estimate that new funding of around $44 million per annum is required.'
27 September 2018