Published Articles

GP's crisis: 'I lost my leg but I'm happy to be alive'

GP Craig Lilienthal didn't think heart surgery would lead to his leg being amputated, but says he's a better doctor for the experience.
07 March 2019

Coroner blames IT system for VTE death

The system, eMeds, is used widely in NSW hospitals.
04 March 2019

Senior doctor suspended after sexual misconduct claims

Accusations against the doctor were aired in Queensland Parliament this week.
28 February 2019

What are the top 9 unnecessary hospital procedures?

Predictably, knee arthroscopy is up there, but there are a few other surprises on the list
21 February 2019

Golden staph on the rise in the community

The incidence is up in two states and the implications could be far-reaching, warns expert.
21 January 2019

New advice to improve hospital-GP communication

Current efforts are inconsistent and too often fail to meet best practice, says AMA president.
18 December 2018

A third of hospitals regularly prescribe opioids on discharge 'just in case'

Hospital pharmacists say the practice is concerning.
27 November 2018

Why hospitals are giving GP obstetricians the push

A new maternity model favours salaried medical staff over GP obstetricians.
16 November 2018

Harassment and bullying in medicine has reached 'endemic' levels, experts warn

Studies on harassment suggest that up to 50% of health workers experience abuse.
05 November 2018

Adverse drug reactions double in a decade, hospital data show

Deaths related to medicines have also risen, despite all other hospital deaths declining.
09 October 2018