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Watch out for this rare fungal superbug

GPs and other doctors have been put on alert for a rare fungal superbug, a global emerging public health threat that has been seen only twice in Australia
08 August 2018

Hospital infection increasingly tolerant to alcohol handwash and wipes

There's been a gradual rise in vancomycin-resistant enterococci infections
02 August 2018

Hand hygiene compliance: What we do when no one's watching

The true rates of hospital-wide hand hygiene compliance have been thrown into question by a study that shows staff are far less likely to wash their hands when no one is watching
17 July 2018

Want to satisfy your patients? Buy a white coat

White coats are a rarity in Australia these days and banned in the UK, but doctors may want to rethink this trend, a US survey suggests
27 June 2018

Hospitals failing heart failure patients over post-discharge care

Patients with heart failure who receive swift, home-based disease management help and clinical review post-hospital discharge have lower risks of readmission, an Australian study shows
18 June 2018

Doctor with cystic fibrosis dies after hospital failure

A “remarkable and inspiring” doctor with cystic fibrosis died aged 27 after a hospital registrar missed signs his condition was deteriorating, a coroner has found
07 June 2018

Patient's test results were sent to the wrong fax machine, coroner finds

A coroner has called on doctors to scrap fax machines “as a matter of priority” after the death of man whose chemotherapy toxicity results were sent to the wrong number.
18 May 2018