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Victory: Dr Kerryn Phelps' medivac bill to become law

The reform means doctors will have more power over medical transfers of asylum seekers in offshore detention.
13 February 2019

Asylum-seeker transfers: Can doctors really threaten national security?

ANALYSIS: Government ministers claim the reform would 'dismantle' border protection.
11 February 2019

Medivac bill would make doctors a threat to national security, warns govt

Dr Kerryn Phelps' bill is due to go before Parliament when it returns next week.
08 February 2019

Nauru GP wins international free speech award

'There’s the old phrase that the standard you walk past is the standard you accept – it was just unacceptable.'
18 January 2019

Australia urged to consider 'opt-out' organ donation

Inquiry says the scheme could reduce human organ trafficking and transplant tourism.
12 December 2018

Christmas on Nauru: Govt winds down clock to delay refugee Bill

Dr Phelps' medivac Bill is blocked as time runs out on last sitting day in Parliament.
07 December 2018

Dr Phelps moves to get children off Nauru

Urgent Medical Treatment bill would give greater transfer powers to treating doctors.
03 December 2018

Forced ECT on patient with schizophrenia 'violated human rights'

ANALYSIS: He was sedated and mechanically restrained to a bed before receiving six treatments against his will.
22 November 2018

So you think you know what it's like on Nauru? A doctor tells his alarming story

GP Dr Nick Martin details his experience treating asylum-seekers and refugees during his eight-month stint on Nauru.
02 November 2018

Victory: Asylum-seeker children will be off Nauru by year's end

Doctors claim victory in campaign to end child detention on the island.
01 November 2018