Published Articles

'Rogue GPs' targeted under stricter 'no jab, no play'

Letters from doctors will no longer be accepted as proof of a child’s immunisation status under new No Jab No Play laws targeting so-called “rogue GPs”.
15 November 2017

So near yet so far: vax coverage yet to hit 95%

Latest vaccination coverage figures show a modest increase in the number of children fully immunised, but levels remain below the 95% target for herd immunity. 
30 October 2017

Experts advocate measles booster as outbreak spreads

Immunisation experts are recommending a measles booster for people over 26 as states struggle to contain a growing outbreak of the virus.
06 October 2017

Anti-vax GP agrees to stop practising

Supporters of an anti-vaccination GP have raised nearly $100,000 for his legal defence, despite him agreeing to temporarily stop practicing as a doctor.
01 September 2017

How to manage shortages of hep B vaccine

As hepatitis B vaccine shortages continue, immunisation providers are being advised not to mix different brands of paediatric hepatitis B vaccine to make up one adult dose.
01 September 2017

First-time mums need vaccination advice: experts

New mothers need reassurance from GPs during their first pregnancy on the safety of prenatal and childhood vaccinations, according to Australian immunisation experts.
28 August 2017

Anti-vax GP says his critical thinking skills are 'above average'

A GP who bragged about helping hundreds of children dodge vaccinations, refused to complete an RACGP module on critical thinking.
25 August 2017

Secret ring of anti-vax GPs under investigation

A network of anti-vaccination GPs is reportedly helping families avoid compulsory immunisations.
24 August 2017

Green light for Gardasil change

A two-dose schedule of Gardasil 9 vaccine has been recommended for the National HPV Vaccination Program.
21 August 2017