Published Articles

Chief Medical Officer releases winter flu immunisation program

GPs are urged to wait until mid-April before giving flu jabs so patients develop immunity before the season peaks.
07 March 2019

Measles upswing prompts warning for ongoing vigilance

Numbers tend to increase as travellers return from overseas, says expert.
30 January 2019

Experts want to expand maternal pertussis vax window by 8 weeks

It comes as two studies show antibodies are higher among women vaccinated earlier.
24 January 2019

'Highly efficacious' shingles vaccine excluded from NIP

The vaccine's cost and long-term effectiveness remain in doubt, says the PBAC.
18 December 2018

Failure to transfer GP data blamed for vax record holes

Researchers say the national register data is not up-to-date for 14% of children.
13 December 2018

MenACWY shortages will persist into the new year

It had been hoped the issue would be resolved two months ago.
10 December 2018

GPs, don’t be lax on this vax for older patients

It has the added bonus of reducing time in hospital for cardiovascular events.
08 November 2018

Rubella elimination a 'testament to success of NIP'

The WHO says rubella has been wiped out in Australia.
31 October 2018

New shingles vaccine 'superior' but comes with a sting

PBAC to consider listing Shingrix on National Immunisation Program for herpes zoster in over-60s.
29 October 2018

Cochrane in crisis: co-founder expelled, four more resign

Professor Peter Gøtzsche had criticised Cochrane's HPV vaccine review.
18 September 2018