Published Articles

Chief Medical Officer releases winter flu immunisation program

GPs are urged to wait until mid-April before giving flu jabs so patients develop immunity before the season peaks.
07 March 2019

Skin patch for kids with peanut allergy shows promise

But trial results failed to meet a statistical element of the primary outcome, say researchers.
25 February 2019

Why are some patients literally immune to gene therapy?

Scientists are searching for a way to help gene therapies sneak past the body's defence system.
14 February 2019

Oral immunotherapy could provide 'safety net' for kids with peanut allergy

Children and adolescents were able to build up their tolerance to peanut protein, say researchers.
21 November 2018

Doctor lashes out at police after being cleared of sex assaults on patients

Dr Jeremy Coleman claims police failed to understand the purpose of routine clinical procedures.
04 September 2018

Modified mosquitoes take the sting out of dengue fever in Townsville

It's been hailed as a world-first, with other trials underway
06 August 2018

Peanut allergy cured in long-term Australian trial

An immunotherapy treatment for peanut allergy in children produces desensitisation that persists for four years, Victorian researchers have shown.
16 August 2017

9 things to know about vaccines and allergic reactions

A new position statement aims to obviate misplaced fears.
11 August 2017

Expired EpiPens are better than nothing: study

EpiPens may retain their potency for up to four years past the expiry date, a study shows.
12 May 2017