Published Articles

Govt expands syphilis tests to combat 'shocking' Indigenous outbreak

Rapid point-of-care tests will be used at a further 11 affected areas.
26 March 2019

Was 'idiot' politics to blame for Australia’s syphilis epidemic?

The Federal Government is finally addressing the outbreak, but not before the death of six newborns.
01 March 2019

'Game-changer': $35m push to develop Strep A vax

The money will help accelerate one of four vaccine candidates.
27 February 2019

She was only 10: Inquest highlights devastating suicide epidemic in the Kimberley

Another coroner's report has exposed the needless deaths of young Indigenous people. What, if anything, can be done to stop the sadness?
21 February 2019

Reward Indigenous doctors with higher rebates, MBS review says

Policy reform would also encourage organisations to train and hire more Indigenous staff, says expert group.
07 February 2019

Skin infections a severe problem for Aboriginal kids

Serious skin infections are rife among Indigenous children who require hospital treatment for abscesses and scabies at 15 times higher rates than non-Indigenous children, a WA study shows.
05 December 2017

Plea for nicotine therapy in pregnancy

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is safer than continuing smoking in pregnancy, and GPs should be more aggressive in encouraging its use, according to findings of an MJA review.
04 December 2017

Why some Indigenous doctors are hiding their identity

They fear of bullying and racist stereotyping.
11 July 2017

How personal tragedy inspired this Aboriginal medical student to pursue general practice

Personal tragedy is inspiring a young Indigenous medical student to become a GP and preserve his traditional culture.
09 June 2017

Pneumococcal vax failing Indigenous communities

The 23-valent pneumococcal polysaccharide vaccine may need to be replaced, an Australian study finds.
03 May 2017