Published Articles

Golden staph on the rise in the community

The incidence is up in two states and the implications could be far-reaching, warns expert.
21 January 2019

High-five for handwash initiative in Aussie hospitals

Hygiene compliance rose 20% during the infection control trial.
20 November 2018

Rubella elimination a 'testament to success of NIP'

The WHO says rubella has been wiped out in Australia.
31 October 2018

Doctors win top science prize for infectious cough breakthrough

A team of doctors has won one of Australia’s leading science awards for breakthrough research showing that live bacteria causing serious airway infections can be transmitted between cystic fibrosis patients through coughing.
30 August 2018

Modified mosquitoes take the sting out of dengue fever in Townsville

It's been hailed as a world-first, with other trials underway
06 August 2018

Hospital infection increasingly tolerant to alcohol handwash and wipes

There's been a gradual rise in vancomycin-resistant enterococci infections
02 August 2018

Hand hygiene compliance: What we do when no one's watching

The true rates of hospital-wide hand hygiene compliance have been thrown into question by a study that shows staff are far less likely to wash their hands when no one is watching
17 July 2018

Toothpaste and handwash blamed for antibiotic resistance

A common ingredient in toothpaste and handwash could be contributing to antibiotic resistance, Australian scientists warn
22 June 2018