Infectious diseases

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Medical Must-See: Doctors inadvertently give their patient 'black hairy tongue'

Granted drug-resistant superbugs are a worry, but this antibiotic after-effect will leave a bad taste in patients' mouths.
13 September 2018

New cases of leprosy a cause for concern

Health authorities pushing to eradicate the disease nationwide.
07 September 2018

Second species of tick linked to meat allergy

There's a distinctly Australian flavour to this problem: expert
28 August 2018

Children need antibiotics for chronic wet cough

A prolonged paediatric cough could indicate more serious underlying conditions.
22 August 2018

Watch out for this rare fungal superbug

GPs and other doctors have been put on alert for a rare fungal superbug, a global emerging public health threat that has been seen only twice in Australia
08 August 2018

Hospital infection increasingly tolerant to alcohol handwash and wipes

There's been a gradual rise in vancomycin-resistant enterococci infections
02 August 2018

Medical Must-See: Man eats raw seafood and loses his arm

Pearl of wisdom — always cook your shellfish
01 August 2018

Alarming drop in hep C patients on antivirals

The number of patients with hepatitis C being treated with antiviral therapy has dropped alarmingly, according to Hepatitis Australia
24 July 2018

GPs to offer free meningococcal B vaccine

From October, GPs in SA will be able to provide free meningococcal B vaccines to children under four, under the state government's immunisation program
05 July 2018

Medical Must-See: Selfies show something living in woman’s face

The Socceroos may have been knocked out of this year's World Cup, but at least now they’re out of the danger zone for the horrifying parasite this woman picked up near Moscow
05 July 2018