Published Articles

Deadly bacterial infection cases rise following floods

Experts caution vigilance for people with pre-existing health conditions, who are at higher risk of complications.
14 February 2019

Golden staph on the rise in the community

The incidence is up in two states and the implications could be far-reaching, warns expert.
21 January 2019

GPs on lyssavirus alert as heat-stressed bats dropping like flies

15 people have been injured by the animals in the past two months.
17 January 2019

Lyme disease lobbyists slam new research project

The treatment is like telling patients their problems are 'all in their heads', say the lobbyists.
11 January 2019

'It will get worse': Aussie GP recalls experience at epicentre of Ebola crisis

Dr Saschveen Singh says nothing prepared her for the reality of providing hands-on clinical care while wearing personal protective equipment.
19 December 2018

High-five for handwash initiative in Aussie hospitals

Hygiene compliance rose 20% during the infection control trial.
20 November 2018

Buzz surrounds new malaria drug, but the once-a-week wonder comes with a catch

The prophylactic agent causes side effects in patients with a certain deficiency.
27 September 2018

New cases of leprosy a cause for concern

Health authorities pushing to eradicate the disease nationwide.
07 September 2018

Second species of tick linked to meat allergy

There's a distinctly Australian flavour to this problem: expert
28 August 2018

Children need antibiotics for chronic wet cough

A prolonged paediatric cough could indicate more serious underlying conditions.
22 August 2018