'Unusually high' spike in summer flu sparks vax reminder

More than 7000 cases have been reported to health authorities nationally.
08 February 2019

GPs, don’t be lax on this vax for older patients

It has the added bonus of reducing time in hospital for cardiovascular events.
08 November 2018

Meningococcal vaccine will soon be free for teenagers nationwide

More than a million teens are tipped to get the vax in the next four years, amid a new high in meningococcal fatalities.
25 September 2018

Vax fears still plague parents of kids with autism, 20 years after Wakefield scandal

Children with autism and their younger siblings may be missing out on vaccinations because of lingering parental concerns after the 1998 Wakefield MMR scandal.
06 April 2018

ACT takes action with free flu funding for kids

The ACT Government has joined at least three others states in offering a free flu vaccine to under-fives ahead of the looming flu season.
28 February 2018

This year's flu vaccine was a flop

Data from GP practices show it conferred minimal protection - especially for over-65s.
31 October 2017

First-time mums need vaccination advice: experts

New mothers need reassurance from GPs during their first pregnancy on the safety of prenatal and childhood vaccinations, according to Australian immunisation experts.
28 August 2017

Win-win for earlier MMRV vax

Giving combined MMR-varicella vaccine at 18 months has paid off, with better vaccine coverage and no increased risk of febrile reactions, a study shows.
15 August 2017