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Chief Medical Officer releases winter flu immunisation program

GPs are urged to wait until mid-April before giving flu jabs so patients develop immunity before the season peaks.
07 March 2019

Is flu vaccination responsible for this year's mild season?

/*-->*/ Figures for August are 13 times lower than last year.
10 September 2018

GPs urged to ration flu vaccines amid shortage

GPs are being advised to prioritise flu vaccines for those most vulnerable as the federal government scrambles to boost supplies in the face of unprecedented public demand.
28 May 2018

This year's flu vaccine was a flop

Data from GP practices show it conferred minimal protection - especially for over-65s.
31 October 2017

As cases soar, RACGP wants free flu vaccinations for all

The RACGP president says it’s time the $10 influenza vaccination was made free for all Australians, as cases continue to climb in Victoria, including the fatality of an eight-year-old Melbourne girl.
19 September 2017