Published Articles

History of atopic dermatitis not key to predicting hand eczema outcomes

But recovery rates are worst among patients who report high levels of stress, say Danish researchers.
21 March 2019

Vaping more effective than nicotine patches, but there's a catch

Patients trying to quit smoking reported more long-term success with one product, say UK researchers.
01 February 2019

Rethink that extra drink: a glass of wine takes half an hour to walk off

Behavioural intervention stops revellers from stacking on the kilos, say researchers.
19 December 2018

Time to ask for the keys? Deciding when dementia patients are unfit to drive

Knowing when it’s time for your loyal, older patient to stop driving and telling them so can be emotionally draining for many  GPs, particularly when balancing the known risks of social isolation with the unknown risks to public safety.
01 June 2018

He’s more than 100 years old, so why is Santa Claus still in optimum health?

It’s widely considered the second biggest medical mystery of Christmas: why is Santa Claus still in optimum health despite being a 100-year-old night-shift worker addicted to mince pies and late-night drinking?
12 December 2017

Seeing red: Traffic jams do drive up blood pressure

There’s now medical proof that your blood pressure does go through the roof when you are stuck in a traffic jam.
20 October 2017

Rethink fitness of mind in fit-to-drive

Mild cognitive impairment is an unreliable indicator of driving skills and does not mean the person is unfit to drive, dementia researchers have shown.
19 April 2017

How the gambling industry tempts young Aussies

Australia has a gambling problem, but the industry is still seeking new ways to lure the young. Australian Doctor investigates.
13 February 2017

Sitting not linked to diabetes: study

It seems the sofa may be joining low-fat diets and moderate red wine consumption as a much-debated is-it-or-isn’t-it cardiometabolic risk factor.
08 February 2017

'Fat phobic' dietitians judge overweight patients

And one academic says GPs are guilty of bias, too.
25 January 2017