Published Articles

International Women’s Day: We celebrate Australia's pioneering doctors

Australian Doctor recalls the contributions of inspiring women in medicine.
08 March 2019

GP's crisis: 'I lost my leg but I'm happy to be alive'

GP Craig Lilienthal didn't think heart surgery would lead to his leg being amputated, but says he's a better doctor for the experience.
07 March 2019

Was 'idiot' politics to blame for Australia’s syphilis epidemic?

The Federal Government is finally addressing the outbreak, but not before the death of six newborns.
01 March 2019

She was only 10: Inquest highlights devastating suicide epidemic in the Kimberley

Another coroner's report has exposed the needless deaths of young Indigenous people. What, if anything, can be done to stop the sadness?
21 February 2019

Why are some patients literally immune to gene therapy?

Scientists are searching for a way to help gene therapies sneak past the body's defence system.
14 February 2019

Eight months on: 'broken' surgical registrar speaks out on the fallout since resigning

And what it's like having everyone tell you what to do with your life.
08 February 2019

Summer long reads: 6 of our best in-depth stories from 2018

From ketamine prescribing to refugee health, catch up on our most popular longform journalism from the past 12 months.
03 January 2019

So you think you know what it's like on Nauru? A doctor tells his alarming story

GP Dr Nick Martin details his experience treating asylum-seekers and refugees during his eight-month stint on Nauru.
02 November 2018

Meet the doctor behind the vitamin D testing juggernaut

Dr Michael Holick sold an alleged pandemic in vitamin D deficiency
27 August 2018

Doctors vs bureaucrats: the death of Hamid Khazaei

Hamid Khazaei was a breathing corpse when he finally arrived on Australian soil.
21 August 2018