Published Articles

Obesity inquiry supports GP calls for chronic disease item

MBS rules need rewriting to clarify that obesity is a disease, select committee says.
11 December 2018

Medicare claims being rejected due to little-known new rule

GPs say they weren't told about changes to the item descriptor for UV phototherapy.
05 December 2018

MBS review losing trust of doctors, warns AMA chief

Dr Tony Bartone has warned that the review has a transparency problem.
30 October 2018

Medicare Taskforce unveils 'once-in-a-lifetime' colonoscopy offer

Patients must meet strict new criteria to get the MBS item for free.
26 October 2018

Revealed: the millions the MBS review taskforce is saving the government

Comment: The biggest investment has been to fund the task force itself.
25 October 2018

Government examines 'draconian' powers in bid to recoup MBS debts

Doctors could have their homes and cars seized under proceeds-of-crime laws.
19 September 2018

Chronic disease care plan revamp in the works

An MBS Review Taskforce is proposing to cut rebates for GP management plans and increase funding for follow-up.
12 September 2018

Concerns raised over genetic test interpretation

It comes as MBS funding has increased access to the tests.
06 September 2018

'Unnecessary risk': GPs dumped in Medicare muddle

GPs are being exposed to the “unnecessary risk” of falling foul of Medicare rules because so few organisations are willing to provide guidance on how to bill properly
26 July 2018