Published Articles

GP practices in govt crosshairs over pathology rents

Govt cracks down on practices charging ‘outlier’ rents
12 December 2017

Is after hours really doomed? Your questions answered

Following the MBS Taskforce's recommendations, a look at the winners, the losers, and what happens next.
23 October 2017

Hope for GPs bleeding money as review eyes consumables

The long-standing issue of GPs having to fund consumables, such as bandages, from the bulk-billed MBS rebate will be considered by the MBS review taskforce.
29 September 2017

College calls for level E consult fee

The Federal Government should boost GP attendance rebates by one-fifth and create a new level E consult to end the disparity with specialist fees, the RACGP says.
31 August 2017

Chiros to lose spinal X-ray Medicare rebates

Chiropractors will lose access to Medicare items for spinal X-rays for low back pain from November.
25 August 2017

GPs to get rebate parity for procedural MBS items

GPs will finally attract the same Medicare rebates as other specialists for 31 procedures under changes stemming from the MBS review.
24 August 2017

GP bulk-billing hits another record high

The GP bulk-billing rate is continuing its upward march, with the Federal Government saying the record high shows “Medicare is stronger than ever”.
21 August 2017

Health Care Homes on shaky ground as practices bail out

With Australia's biggest GP corporate hesitant to put pen to paper, the biggest reform to general practice in a generation is wobbling.
25 July 2017

Make 'urgent' after-hours items GP-only, says MBS review

Doctors working for deputising services should be barred from claiming “urgent” after-hours rebates, the MBS review taskforce says.
08 June 2017