Medical ethics

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Aussie GP 'removed' from Nauru

He was reportedly forced to leave following an increase in medical transfer requests for asylum-seeker children.
10 September 2018

HIV in the 1980s: the gay doctor who fought back

Dr David Bradford has led a remarkable life. As a gay man and sexual health physician when HIV first arrived in Australia, he cared for hundreds of patients with AIDS, many of whom have not survived. In this extract from his biography Tell Me I'm OK, he tells of the prejudice he and his patients had to fight within the medical profession itself.
30 August 2018

Refugee children on Nauru at risk of death, says doctor whistleblower

Doctors caring for young asylum-seekers in offshore detention fear there will be suicides
28 August 2018

Immigration bureaucrats still undermining doctors despite Hamid Khazaei's death

GP Dr Sara Townend says it is only a matter of time before another tragedy.
22 August 2018

Corrupt public health officials receive $600,000 severance

The WA health minister says the government wants the money back.
20 August 2018

Asylum-seeker's death from a suspected tick bite was preventable: coroner

His treatment was no in line with Australia healthcare standards
30 July 2018

Government agencies can access your patients' My Health Record without a warrant

The legal thresholds for police and government agencies to access patients' clinical information on My Health Record are “significantly lower” than those protecting patient records held by doctors, according to advice from the Parliamentary Library
25 July 2018

Doctor who hogtied boy retires early after media hounding

The paediatrician who hogtied a seven-year-old patient with rope says he was chased by journalists and forced into early retirement because of the incident
23 July 2018

What happens when clinicians place too much trust in computers?

A recent experiment assessed the extent to which 120 medical students in the last two years of their degree relied on the clinical decision support software at the expense of the clinical case they were facing.
13 July 2018

Doctors call for immediate shutdown of dead body exhibition

Doctors are calling for a ban on the popular Real Bodies exhibition in Sydney, saying it’s in breach of a number of laws and citing ethical concerns over donor bodies
11 July 2018