Published Articles

AHPRA wants to list doctors' aliases on med register

The regulator says practitioners have taken on false names to hide their identities.
20 February 2019

Funeral parlour offers cash bonus to GPs who refer on terminally ill patients

The business says it will pay $300 for every lead that results in a burial or cremation.
15 February 2019

Why are some patients literally immune to gene therapy?

Scientists are searching for a way to help gene therapies sneak past the body's defence system.
14 February 2019

Victory: Dr Kerryn Phelps' medivac bill to become law

The reform means doctors will have more power over medical transfers of asylum seekers in offshore detention.
13 February 2019

Asylum-seeker transfers: Can doctors really threaten national security?

ANALYSIS: Government ministers claim the reform would 'dismantle' border protection.
11 February 2019

Medivac bill would make doctors a threat to national security, warns govt

Dr Kerryn Phelps' bill is due to go before Parliament when it returns next week.
08 February 2019

Govt launches doctor panel to review medical transfers of asylum-seekers

However, ministers will still be free to ignore doctors' expert advice.
04 February 2019

Abortion: 'Women tell us that GPs not only won’t assist them, but they won’t refer them on'

Some doctors may be skirting their obligations to refer women on who are seeking an abortion.
01 February 2019

Draft code of conduct 'Orwellian': Murtagh

He joins a chorus of voices speaking out against the proposed changes.
18 January 2019

Christian lobbyists target Medical Board's draft code of conduct

They claim it is pro-intervention for transgender patients.
10 January 2019