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Doctors never at risk of gag laws, claim immigration officials

Immigration officials say detention centre doctors were never at risk of jail time for speaking out about the suffering of detainees, despite a move to exempt them from secrecy laws.
22 October 2016

Sperm donor doctors lose anonymity

Doctors who donated sperm or eggs as medical students in Victoria during the 1970s and ’80s will lose their anonymity on 1 March next year.
01 March 2016

Are first-in-man clinical trials safe?

France’s recent clinical trial disaster has renewed fears about the safety of first-in-man studies. Australian Doctor investigates.
12 February 2016

'Arrest me' says doctor over child detention torture comments

A leading paediatrician has challenged the government to arrest him over revelations he has made about the appalling treatment of children in immigration detention.
27 January 2016

Heavens above! Patients okay with God talk

Long considered a taboo topic during patient consultations, an Australian study is now calling on GPs to identify patients who would welcome conversations on religion and spirituality.
27 May 2015