Published Articles

Medical Must-Hear: Listen to this boy's 'whistling cough'

The cause turned out to be more playful than pathogenic.
16 August 2018

Medical Must-See: Snake-like worm infection in foot

Doctors have reported the case of a 42-year-old man who developed a squirming snake-like lesion on his right foot after a holiday to Nigeria.
08 April 2016

Medical Must-See: Rare cause of groin swelling

An unusual case of inguinal swelling has been reported in a 38-year-old woman from India.
01 April 2016

Medical Must-See: White-skinned man changes colour

German doctors have reported the case of a white man whose skin progressively turned blue-grey as a result of melanoma.
24 March 2016

Medical Must-See: Cocaine destroys man’s brain

The Scottish author Irvine Welsh once warned that cocaine could “blow holes in your brain”, and it appears he was right.
18 March 2016

Medical Must-See: Curious chest lumps

US doctors have reported a bizarre case of a woman who developed two large growths on her clavicles.
11 March 2016

Medical Must-See: Massive neck lipoma

UK doctors have documented the case of a man who developed a 2kg mass on the left side of his neck.
04 March 2016

Medical Must-See: Girl's giant lip swelling

Dentists have reported an unusual case of recurrent lip swelling episodes in an eight-year-old girl.
26 February 2016

Medical Must-See: Geographic tongue

Dentists have diagnosed a man with geographic tongue after his GP noticed an unusual red map-like appearance on his tongue's surface.
19 February 2016

Medical Must-See: Tree-man disease

Surgeons are preparing to remove giant bark-like growths from the hands and feet of a Bangladeshi man.
12 February 2016