Medical politics

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Doctors celebrate marriage equality vote

Dr Kerryn Phelps says she is feeling 'exhilaration and relief'.
15 November 2017

Most GPs want college to retract euthanasia stance

See the results of our reader poll.
09 November 2017

Greg Hunt praises Greg Hunt in triumphant essay

Greg Hunt says his first budget as health minister will one day be seen as a “foundational moment” in the history of Australia’s health system.
08 November 2017

Fee gap widens for standard GP consult

The gap between the AMA fee and the Medicare rebate for a standard GP consult has blown out to $42.
06 November 2017

Guild's codeine campaign still alive, contrary to reports

Federal Minister for Health Greg Hunt has got it wrong — the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has not waved the white flag in its battle to keep codeine over the counter.
01 November 2017

GPs bristle at hospital requests to rewrite referrals

GPs have hit out at public hospital managers for telling them to rewrite referrals to private specialists rather than outpatient clinics in a move described as “bureaucracy gone mad”.
31 October 2017

Revealed: How warning letters reined in $11m in after-hours claims

A memo discloses the details of a government experiment - but it doesn't reveal everything.
30 October 2017

Can this doctor make peace between the GP colleges?

Professor Paul Worley, the nation's first Rural Health Commissioner, is tasked with answering a question that has divided GPs for decades.
24 October 2017