Published Articles

Inquiry says let pharmacists prescribe repeat scripts

This can be done in collaboration with doctors, Qld committee says.
17 October 2018

Tributes flow for the man who made Medicare

One way or another, his creation has had a profound effect on healthcare.
11 October 2018

Too many men? Call for RACGP hierarchy to recruit more women

A motion at this year's RACGP conference says women should make up at least 50% of college positions.
28 September 2018

Cochrane: Here's why we gave our co-founder his marching orders

Collaboration cites ongoing disruptive behaviour and personal views presented as Cochrane conclusions.
27 September 2018

Doctors call to abolish 'cruel' police checks for IVF couples

The checks are discriminatory and amount to criminal profiling, they say.
12 September 2018

Pharmacies to be paid $100 for a patient consult in pain trial

Pharmacy Guild reveals details of government trial to assist people with chronic pain.
05 September 2018

New Health boss... same as the old boss

But this time there will be no Minister for Rural Health.
27 August 2018

Another health minister bites the dust: Greg Hunt quits

Australia will soon have its fifth Minister for Health in as many years, following the resignation of Greg Hunt.
23 August 2018

Corrupt public health officials receive $600,000 severance

The WA health minister says the government wants the money back.
20 August 2018