Published Articles

UQ clears Universal Medicine academic of misconduct

Researcher claimed to have found evidence that the alleged cult's female followers had lower levels of physical and mental illness.
19 March 2019

'Disturbing': 250,000 hospitalised each year due to adverse reactions

The rate has changed little in 30 years despite campaigns to promote the safe use of medicines.
31 January 2019

'National interest' test for ARC grants has top medical researchers alarmed

Professors Peter Doherty and Ian Frazer say 'national interest' must be defined.
31 October 2018

'Incredibly unhelpful': Antidepressant guidelines need urgent update

These medications are causing withdrawal effects that are often long-lasting and severe, say researchers.
16 October 2018

How GPs can help to stem our brain drain

Dissecting diseased grey matter is crucial to medical science, but a lack of healthy controls is hampering important research.
05 September 2018

Doctors win top science prize for infectious cough breakthrough

A team of doctors has won one of Australia’s leading science awards for breakthrough research showing that live bacteria causing serious airway infections can be transmitted between cystic fibrosis patients through coughing.
30 August 2018

Death of 11 babies in sildenafil trial sparks review in Australia

Reports that 11 babies have died in a Dutch clinical trial of sildenafil is having repercussions in Australia, where the same drug has been used in pregnant women
25 July 2018

Take latest tonsillectomy study with a 'large grain of salt'

Respiratory experts have urged caution over the findings of a new study that shows children who have their tonsils or adenoids removed have an increased risk of developing respiratory and allergic diseases later in life
08 June 2018

Why some Indigenous doctors are hiding their identity

They fear of bullying and racist stereotyping.
11 July 2017