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Death of 11 babies in sildenafil trial sparks review in Australia

Reports that 11 babies have died in a Dutch clinical trial of sildenafil is having repercussions in Australia, where the same drug has been used in pregnant women
25 July 2018

Take latest tonsillectomy study with a 'large grain of salt'

Respiratory experts have urged caution over the findings of a new study that shows children who have their tonsils or adenoids removed have an increased risk of developing respiratory and allergic diseases later in life
08 June 2018

Why some Indigenous doctors are hiding their identity

They fear of bullying and racist stereotyping.
11 July 2017

Cranberry supplement study marks start of CSIRO-Swisse deal

A study into whether cranberry supplements prevent recurrent UTIs will be the first trial under a controversial partnership between the government’s top research agency and a complementary medicine manufacturer.
26 May 2017

Medical Must-See: Spinach trans-plant tissue

Spinach is well known for its health benefits, but this one could beat them all.
24 March 2017

Is the $50bn Alzheimer’s hypothesis a dud?

The trial failures of potential curative drugs have divided Alzheimer’s researchers. Australian Doctor reports.
06 February 2017

Medical research is still a man’s world

A stark gender imbalance in medical research grants announced by the NHMRC has sparked claims of bias.
07 December 2016

37 ways to be corrupt in healthcare

From the way studies are conducted and misleading claims about drugs to paying doctors in gifts and bribes, the many faces of healthcare corruption are widespread, a report finds.
18 October 2016

Emerging infertility treatment could be less invasive and cheaper than IVF

Our team of Australian and Belgian medical scientists have developed an infertility treatment that could result in a simpler, cheaper infertility treatment using fewer drugs.
25 August 2016