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Seeing through the heat and smoke around after-hours

There's plenty happening behind the scenes.
2 comments 22 September 2017

AMA backs GP's website that reveals specialist fees

But Dr Michael Gannon warns the website could drive up fees.
0 comments 06 September 2017

No. 3 - Dutton's co-payment, Mark I and II

This doesn’t get said often, if ever, but Peter Dutton, rated by Australian Doctor readers as the worst Federal Health Minister in the past 35 years, was nearly the saviour of general practice.
0 comments 06 September 2017

'One-person army': GP exposes specialist fees on new website

Between consults, Dr Richard Zhu phones some 30 specialists every day.
0 comments 05 September 2017

Don't overreact to Medicare dark web revelations, AMA urges

The Federal Government has been warned not to hit practices with more red tape when it responds to revelations that Medicare numbers are being sold on the dark web.
0 comments 04 September 2017

College calls for level E consult fee

The Federal Government should boost GP attendance rebates by one-fifth and create a new level E consult to end the disparity with specialist fees, the RACGP says.
0 comments 31 August 2017

GPs to get rebate parity for procedural MBS items

GPs will finally attract the same Medicare rebates as other specialists for 31 procedures under changes stemming from the MBS review.
0 comments 24 August 2017

After-hours doctors ordered to repay Medicare

Three after-hours doctors have been told to repay Medicare a combined sum of $395,000 after inappropriate claiming, it has been revealed.
0 comments 22 August 2017

GPs say they can't do more after-hours work

Only one in 10 GPs make regular after-hours home visits and there is little appetite within the specialty to do any more, a survey suggests.
1 comment 21 August 2017

GP bulk-billing hits another record high

The GP bulk-billing rate is continuing its upward march, with the Federal Government saying the record high shows “Medicare is stronger than ever”.
0 comments 21 August 2017