Published Articles

What do primary health networks do? They channel billions of health dollars, that's what

Health department figures show $4 billion in grant money has been dished out to PHNs in one year.
02 October 2018

Govt has no idea how many GP clinics exist

The Federal Government has had no idea how many general practices there are in Australia since 2011, Australian Doctor has discovered.
12 September 2015

Medicare Local bureaucracy leaves $1m legacy

Now nothing more than another defunct health acronym, the top lobby group for Medicare Locals has been wound up despite enjoying a million-dollar surplus.
24 August 2015

Primary Health Networks go live, but don't mention the name

A Federal Government attempt to rename dozens of Medicare Locals as Primary Health Networks has hit an embarrassing snafu.
01 July 2015

Insurers win role in Primary Health Networks

Private health insurers will be involved in the running of four of Australia's new Primary Health Networks.
13 April 2015

Bupa confirms bids for PHNs

Healthcare giant Bupa has confirmed it has teamed up with a number of Medicare Locals in bids to run Primary Health Networks.
26 February 2015

Private firm in bid to run PHN

A high-profile Liberal Party donor has confirmed it will bid for tenders to run some of the new Primary Health Networks.
06 February 2015

Medicare Local closures could cost $112m

Winding up Medicare Locals is going to cost taxpayers up to $112 million when the funding plug is pulled next year.
05 December 2014

AMA Vic: come and talk to us...for $5k

The AMA in Victoria has launched a new money-making venture in which it charges Medicare Locals thousands of dollars to help them become one of the Primary Health Networks.
17 October 2014

Primary considers next steps over Primary Health Network name

Corporate giant Primary Health Care has indicated its willingness to go into battle to defend its name once again.
17 October 2014