Published Articles

GPs warned off quetiapine for anxiety

The drug is poorly tolerated when compared with placebo, study finds.
15 February 2019

Revealed: how your gender influences prescribing patterns

The PBS listing of NOACs gave researchers the chance to find out.
11 February 2019

Was the Pill's 21/7 regime really invented to please the Pope?

Critics say the Pill's 7-day break was designed to please the Pope. But are the claims true?
05 February 2019

Opioids linked to rise in abdominal birth defects

Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should be advised to avoid the drug, says expert.
05 February 2019

Australian trial defines ideal prostate therapy

The finding means many men will be spared the long-term side effects linked to testosterone-suppression therapy.
31 January 2019

'Disturbing': 250,000 hospitalised each year due to adverse reactions

The rate has changed little in 30 years despite campaigns to promote the safe use of medicines.
31 January 2019

Most delirium patients on drugs that worsen the condition

Up to 73% are on medicines associated with delirium, according to one study.
30 January 2019

EpiPen shortage officially over: TGA

Supply issues with the device have finally been resolved after a nine-month national shortage.
24 January 2019

GPs 'pressured' to sedate aged care residents

The RACGP hits back at claims GPs are 'stupefying' their patients.
18 January 2019

More valsartan recalled because of contamination

The TGA says all Apotex valsartan has been recalled due to the presence of trace amounts of an impurity.
19 December 2018