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Nearly half of screen-detected prostate cancer cases are overdiagnosed

Researchers say they're the first to put a number on it in Australia.
11 March 2019

Australian trial defines ideal prostate therapy

The finding means many men will be spared the long-term side effects linked to testosterone-suppression therapy.
31 January 2019

Got the bends: Penile curvature 'affects one in five' Aussie men

The study results suggest that Peyronie's disease may be underdiagnosed.
07 November 2018

TGA rejects sildenafil OTC application

Downscheduling could delay diagnosis of CVD, committee concludes.
12 September 2018

Early orchidopexy cuts testicular cancer risk

Boys with undescended testes are more than twice as likely to develop the disease.
04 September 2018

The troubled history of the foreskin

Rare in Australia and Europe, common in the US and now championed in Africa, male circumcision remains hotly contested. 
10 August 2018

Inactive surveillance? Men with low-risk prostate cancer fall through cracks

Nearly three-quarters of Australian men with low-risk prostate cancer are not being properly followed up in line with best practice, researchers warn.
29 May 2018

One-off PSA test may do more harm than good, largest study to date shows

The largest prostate cancer screening study to date has found that a one-off test detects more early-stage, low-grade cancers but fails to make any difference to mortality.
09 March 2018

Most Aussies unaware of risk factors for heart disease

Experts have expressed alarm at new findings showing many Aussies have wildly inaccurate perceptions about their cardiovascular risk factors – even after they’ve had a heart attack.
19 October 2017

GP registrars are ordering too many PSA tests

Researchers say targeted education may be needed.
07 September 2017