Published Articles

Headspace admits it has a GP problem

The youth mental health provider has acknowledged it is struggling to recruit and retain doctors.
18 March 2019

FDA approval of ketamine spray signals 'major shift' in depression therapy

It is 'quite likely' the TGA will approve the drug to treat resistant depression in Australia, says psychiatrist.
15 March 2019

World-first guidelines help GPs manage work-related mental health claims

Aussie researchers have developed diagnostic tools to assess depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance misuse.
14 March 2019

Six of the worst: Yes, you will lose sleep over kids

Study quantifies exactly how much sleep parents should expect to lose.
04 March 2019

People with autism have twice the mortality rate of general population

Study suggests this is driven by those with autism and concurrent intellectual disability.
26 February 2019

'Worrying trend': Self-poisoning rates among kids double

A spike in self-harm over the past decade was mostly driven by those born after 1997.
21 February 2019

GPs warned off quetiapine for anxiety

The drug is poorly tolerated when compared with placebo, study finds.
15 February 2019

'Christian group used exorcism to cure my sexuality'

Moves to outlaw conversion therapy are a step forward for gay rights, says psychologist.
15 February 2019

Quadruple psychological sessions funded by Medicare: MBS review

A new 'tiered' system could provide more Better Access sessions for complex patients.
06 February 2019

Landmark study shakes long-held view on risks of suicide ideation

Questions raised about predicting a patient's risk of suicide from ideation alone.
04 February 2019