Published Articles

Childhood seizures linked to later mental illness

Those with both febrile seizures and epilepsy have almost three times the risk of developing schizophrenia in adulthood, study says
11 December 2018

'Missed opportunities': GPs criticised after teen suicide

No detailed history was taken despite 17 conversations with doctors in nine weeks.
04 December 2018

Concussion linked with increased risk of suicide

A knock to the head is associated with long-term neuropsychiatric illness, study finds.
14 November 2018

Kids with mental health disorders 'failing to receive adequate care'

Only 12% of children receive treatment that meets minimal clinical practice guidelines, study shows.
12 November 2018

Back pain in teens linked to smoking, drinking and poor mental health

A reminder not to dismiss the finding as 'trivial or fleeting'.
11 September 2018

Psychologists want authority to claim GP mental health care plan items

The Australian Psychological Society has published its MBS Review wishlist.
22 August 2018

Social media chat about suicide prompts patient guide for online safety

World-first guidelines give kids the tools to #chatsafe.
21 August 2018

Young people who use drugs could be locked up in rehab

SA Government introduces legislation to detain children under 18.
15 August 2018

Dope or duped? Ketamine doctor 'didn’t realise the risk’

As Dr Chen awaits sanctions, he says he is a scapegoat and believes he is a good, caring doctor
05 July 2018

Parkinson's therapy linked to gambling and binge eating

Pathological gambling and binge eating are among the impulse disorders strongly linked to dopamine agonist therapy for Parkinson’s disease, researchers say
27 June 2018