Published Articles

Doctors at odds over gut parasites

Infectious disease specialists have accused former AMA president Professor Kerryn Phelps of promoting unnecessary tests and treatment for gut parasites.
29 August 2017

Time to drop 'complete the course' mantra for antibiotics?

The ‘complete the course’ mantra for antibiotics should be dropped and patients told to ‘stop when they feel better’, say a group of leading infectious disease experts.
27 July 2017

5 reasons to be alert for Buruli ulcers in non-endemic areas

A spike in cases of Buruli ulcers is now occurring outside the usual endemic areas of Victoria and Far North Queensland, infectious disease specialists warn.
13 July 2017

Hospital doctors cut antibiotic use by 8%

Hospital doctors have cut their use of antibiotics by 8% over four years in a result being hailed as a victory for antimicrobial stewardship programs.
05 July 2017

GPs on alert as exotic disease returns to the suburbs

Increasing numbers of children are returning with typhoid after family trips to Asia, travel medicine experts warn.
24 June 2017

Is MenW becoming penicillin-resistant?

Reduced susceptibility to penicillin is emerging in meningococcal serogroup W, Australian, microbiologists have found.
21 June 2017

Meningococcal vaccines flown in to ease shortage

Shortages of meningococcal vaccine should ease this month as new supplies arrive in Australia, manufacturers say.
01 June 2017

When crocs attack: Which antibiotic works best?

Wound infections are common after crocodile attacks but advice on which antibiotic to use has been lacking. Now Queensland clinicians believe they have the answer.
20 April 2017

New twist in the Buruli ulcer mystery

The ulcer seems to cluster in families, but human-to-human transmission seems unlikely.
20 April 2017

5 new 'do not dos' to curb antibiotic resistance

Infectious diseases experts are increasingly worried about a looming post-antibiotic era.
19 April 2017