Published Articles

Midwives encourage training on turning breech using mugwort

But critics say its support of unproven therapies is a return to the dark ages
31 August 2018

Placenta pills blamed for infant sepsis

A case of late-onset group B streptococcus (GBS) infection in an infant has prompted a warning against consuming human placenta.
07 July 2017

National maternity plan, panned by GPs, ditched at last minute

The maternity blueprint barely mentioned GPs after being developed by a team of health bureaucrats and midwives.
26 June 2017

Doctors' role ignored in maternity services review

GPs and obstetricians have blasted a draft blueprint for Australia’s maternity services, claiming doctors were not adequately consulted on the plan.
04 May 2017

Doubts over cervical length screens

A call by sonographers to introduce universal ultrasound screening for short cervix is at odds with new evidence that it is a poor predictor of preterm birth, research shows.
15 March 2017

Midwife sanctioned after two homebirth deaths

A midwife who assisted with two homebirths where the infants died has been found guilty of professional misconduct.
17 August 2016

Mums who go private miss depression screening

Women who opt for private hospital obstetric care have high rates of antenatal depression but miss out on screening, Australian research shows.
04 November 2015

Midwives claim better than average outcomes

A new model of midwife-centered maternity care has better maternal and neonatal outcomes, and should be rolled out nationally, according to the first Australian evaluation.
23 June 2015

Sleeping on back linked to stillbirths

Pregnant women may soon be advised to avoid sleeping on their back to reduce the risk of stillbirth, the results of an Australian study suggest.
13 January 2015

Rogue midwife in police's sights

Police have launched a major inquiry centred around rogue midwife Lisa Barrett and the homebirth deaths of five newborns, and are considering laying manslaughter charges.
14 July 2014