Biologics for arthritis may reduce patients' CV risk

The therapy's benefit might be due to its anti-inflammatory properties, study suggests.
21 August 2018

Supplement no help in arthritis: study

Green lipped mussel supplements provide no benefit in arthritis, a trial shows.
29 August 2017

DASH diet doubles as gout defence

A 'Western diet', on the other hand, increases the risk of gout by almost 50%, a study shows.
18 May 2017

Expert panel advises against arthroscopy for degenerative knee disease

Knee arthroscopy should not be performed to treat degenerative knee disease, according to an expert panel.
12 May 2017

4 new findings about heart attack risk with NSAIDs

All commonly used NSAIDs increase the risk of acute MI in the first week of use, according to a new meta-analysis.
11 May 2017

Noisy knees predict arthritis

Frequency of crepitus is a simple and effective predictor of onset of knee osteoarthritis in middle-aged and older people, US research shows.
08 May 2017

NSAIDs clinically ineffective for back pain

First it was paracetamol. Now NSAIDs have been judged as ineffective in back and neck pain.
04 February 2017

CV screening vital for gout patients

Two out of three gout patients are at very high cardiovascular risk, comparable to already having had a myocardial infarction.
23 January 2017

10 years after Vioxx withdrawal, the verdict on celecoxib is in

A major trial to investigate the cardiovascular risks of celecoxib has given the drug a clean bill of health compared with non-selective NSAIDs.
15 November 2016

Gout poorly controlled in two-thirds of patients

Gout management guidelines are not being followed by GPs and most patients have poor uric acid control, a Queensland study shows.
01 November 2016