Platelet-rich plasma: Don't believe the hype

Athletes and celebrities should not be hyping platelet-rich plasma injections for wound healing and rejuvenation, researchers say.
12 August 2017

Researchers surprised GPs are still injecting steroids for tennis elbow

GPs have not lost their enthusiasm for giving steroid injections for tennis elbow despite evidence that a wait-and-see approach is best.
24 July 2017

Physio no better than 'usual care' for ankle sprains

Referring patients to a physiotherapist for a simple ankle sprain may be a waste of time and money, a large trial suggests.
18 November 2016

Game but not match for steroid injections in tennis elbow

Treating tennis elbow with a corticosteroid injection may provide short-term improvement, but is detrimental in the longer term, a study shows.
10 November 2016

Spike in rhabdomyolysis linked to CrossFit

The growing popularity of high-intensity resistance training is being blamed for a spate of severe rhabdomyolysis cases in Australia.
09 March 2016

Big jump in trampoline injuries

Infographic: Trampoline injuries are on the rise in Australia despite manufacturers adding extra safety features, say researchers.
17 July 2015

AFL players cleared of peptide abuse but still in dark about injections

The architect of Essendon's supplement program is still refusing to reveal the substances injected into dozens of the club's players, it has been claimed.
02 April 2015

No benefit in delaying shoulder surgery

Patients with painful rotator cuff injuries do not need to wait months for their shoulder stiffness to 'settle down' before surgery, according to orthopaedic researchers.
30 March 2015

Fit for hospital — gym injuries on the rise

A trip to the gym is turning into a trip to hospital for thousands of Australians injured doing aerobics and weight training, new figures show.
21 November 2014

Ultra athletes overdo fluids and NSAIDs

Drinking too much fluid and overusing NSAIDs pose the greatest risks to the health of endurance athletes, experience from the gruelling 85km Cradle Mountain Run shows.
24 July 2014