Published Articles

Cerebral palsy is declining and symptoms are milder

The trend follows efforts to improve the management of high-risk pregnancies, says expert.
04 December 2018

Bigger bubs are twice as likely to be obese kids

But gestational diabetes isn't the biggest indicator of childhood obesity, study shows.
22 November 2018

Try a probiotic for colicky babies

GPs can offer evidence-based advice for settling these infants
09 August 2018

Concern over direct-to-consumer baby screening tests

New infant mouth swab kit is 'potentially confusing' and doesn't replace standard newborn screening
27 July 2018

Higher risk of heart defects for babies of type 1 mums: study

Poor glycaemic control at the time of conception was associated with a progressively increased risk
19 July 2018

Clear, concise guidance lacking for infant reflux

Doctors need clear and consistent guidance on managing infant gastric reflux and GORD, with new findings showing GPs maybe overprescribing medications for the conditions, researchers say.
27 February 2018

Plea for nicotine therapy in pregnancy

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is safer than continuing smoking in pregnancy, and GPs should be more aggressive in encouraging its use, according to findings of an MJA review.
04 December 2017

Progesterone pessaries 'an ineffective treatment'

Progesterone pessaries have no benefit for preterm birth prevention, say researchers who found they had no benefit on neonatal morbidity.
04 October 2017

App beats eyeball test for newborn jaundice: study

A new app could transform neonatal screening for jaundice by allowing GPs to accurately estimate a newborn’s bilirubin levels using phone camera images.
01 September 2017

Caution urged as Australian researchers spruik 'one of the greatest' prenatal breakthroughs

Research suggests vitamin B3 may prevent miscarriage, but experts say it is too early to recommend it in pregnancy.
10 August 2017