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Not 'just a headache': poor migraine care costs dearly

Almost 5 million Aussies experience migraine at a cost of $35.7 billion to the economy.
17 October 2018

Despite new treatments, migraine relief remains elusive

Migraines continue to be undertreated despite new therapies becoming available, according to neurologists. 
18 October 2017

Headbangers: Concussion on the field

Once thought of as a laugh, concussion is now being taken seriously by the NRL.
09 May 2017

GP in $12 million settlement over migraine drug

The woman alleged that doctors had breached their duty of care by leaving her on the vasoconstrictor drug without a break for four years.
15 February 2017

Headaches triggered by OTC codeine overlooked: neurologists

OTC codeine products are an overlooked cause of medication-overuse headache, say neurologists, and another reason why they should become prescription-only.
21 September 2016

Most non-trauma headaches benign

Most severe acute headaches are benign and doctors can reliably rule out serious diagnoses with red-flag decision tools, a Queensland study has shown.
11 August 2016

Nurofen products pulled for misleading pain claims

Pain-specific brands of ibuprofen such as Nurofen Back Pain are to be taken off the shelves after a court found they all contained the same ingredient and made misleading claims for pain relief.
15 December 2015

Statins and vit D prove effective for migraines

Researchers are proposing a novel role for statins and vitamin D after finding the combination is highly effective for preventing migraines.
30 September 2015

Most people are sick, global study shows

More than 95% of the global population has at least one health problem annually, research shows. See our infrograph here.
15 June 2015

GP migraine treatment hampered: neurologist

GP management of migraine with aura is being negatively affected by the withdrawal of an effective oral medication from the PBS, according to an Australian neurologist.
16 April 2015