Published Articles

Reward Indigenous doctors with higher rebates, MBS review says

Policy reform would also encourage organisations to train and hire more Indigenous staff, says expert group.
07 February 2019

Is GP antenatal shared care working? Take our survey

Australian Doctor is looking to gauge doctors' experiences with shared care.
20 November 2018

COAG suggests doctors disclose all negligence settlements to AHPRA

The AMA warns idea will destroy trust between doctors and their medical defence organisations.
12 November 2018

Aus Doc remains the best-read medical publication in the country

And we'd like to thank you, our readers, for your help and support over the years.
03 October 2018

Beware: This parasite mimics IBD symptoms

There’s a serious risk if you’re mistaken and the patient is treated with steroids
21 September 2018

Doctors win top science prize for infectious cough breakthrough

A team of doctors has won one of Australia’s leading science awards for breakthrough research showing that live bacteria causing serious airway infections can be transmitted between cystic fibrosis patients through coughing.
30 August 2018

Meet the doctor behind the vitamin D testing juggernaut

Dr Michael Holick sold an alleged pandemic in vitamin D deficiency
27 August 2018

Meet the winner of Aus Doc's GP practice hero competition

A thankful GP recalls the time when her practice nurse made a decisive clinical judgement that saved a patient from a likely painful death
08 August 2018

Guidelines put some heart failure patients in 'no man's land'

New Australian guidelines advising a lower threshold for diagnosing heart failure with reduced ejection fraction plonk patients in no-man’s-land as far as treatment is concerned, a specialist says
07 August 2018

GPs demand review of My Health Record privacy protection

Doctors are demanding that patients' clinical information held by the My Health Record system are given the same legal protection as those records held by doctors
26 July 2018