Published Articles

Primary health networks given new funds for mental health care

The organisations will be offered guaranteed funding for the next three years.
16 January 2019

Rectal cancer to skyrocket Down Under, experts warn

Expect an almost 60% increase in mortality by 2035, according to WHO data.
15 January 2019

Has My Health Record been a sensible use of $2 billion?

The national audit office will consider the question.
15 January 2019

Survey: 80% of GPs often spend less than 40 minutes on care plans

Fewer than one in five respondents support the proposed new rule.
15 January 2019

GP breaks his silence on 80/20 case: 'I thought I was doing the right thing'

Dr Manukharan Nithianantha has pleaded for understanding after the PSR found him in breach of the rule.
14 January 2019

Patients who miss GP appointments die earlier: study

Even an occasional no-show is bad for your health.
14 January 2019

Lab results reveal what's really in your patients' e-cigarettes

6 out of 10 e-liquids marketed as 'nicotine-free' were found to contain nicotine.
14 January 2019

Pollies say no to pill testing following another teenage death

Allowing such testing could give people 'a false sense of security', warns NSW Premier.
14 January 2019

Lyme disease lobbyists slam new research project

The treatment is like telling patients their problems are 'all in their heads', say the lobbyists.
11 January 2019

GP loses court challenge on 80/20 rule

The doctor argued the rule shouldn't apply to him because his patients lacked other options.
11 January 2019