Published Articles

FDA approval of ketamine spray signals 'major shift' in depression therapy

It is 'quite likely' the TGA will approve the drug to treat resistant depression in Australia, says psychiatrist.
15 March 2019

World-first guidelines help GPs manage work-related mental health claims

Aussie researchers have developed diagnostic tools to assess depression, anxiety, PTSD and substance misuse.
14 March 2019

MBS restrictions on vit D testing 'a blunt instrument', analysis suggests

A new clampdown has been proposed, but was the last one a failure?
14 March 2019

What exactly is chiropractic paediatric spinal manipulation used to treat?

ANALYSIS: Australian Doctor goes looking for answers ... without much luck.
14 March 2019

1 in 4 primary care nurses 'under-utilised': survey

Nurses say their requests for more complex work are being turned down by employers.
14 March 2019

Health officials promise 'authoritative' answers from Ask MBS service

COMMENT: New department takes over besieged helpline to address lack of clarity around MBS policies.
13 March 2019

Alzheimer's disease link to HRT downplayed

Women using long-term hormone therapy have a slightly higher chance of developing the neurodegenerative disease, say researchers.
13 March 2019

Blinded by 'science': How patients are fooled by CAM 'pathology' tests

Review finds 11 tests commonly ordered by CAM practitioners lack clinical validity and utility.
13 March 2019

Junior doctors go cold on GP training

And the Medicare freeze is to blame, says former RACGP president Dr Liz Marles.
13 March 2019

No spike in opioid analgesics after OTC codeine ban

Researchers refute the pharmacy guild's warning that patients would start seeking higher-strength analgesics.
12 March 2019