Published Articles

MBS Review: Its 7-point plan for general practice

Proposals include funding patients to enrol with their practice.
07 January 2019

MBS Review: Draft blueprint for care plans revealed

Medicare task force releases long-awaited report on the future of GP MBS funding.
07 January 2019

SafeScript issues alerts for 3300 patients in two months

Victoria prepares to roll out the real-time script-tracking software statewide in April.
07 January 2019

Summer long reads: 6 of our best in-depth stories from 2018

From ketamine prescribing to refugee health, catch up on our most popular longform journalism from the past 12 months.
03 January 2019

What were the most popular stories of 2018?

From jailed GPs to doctors' incomes, here's our pick of the issues that piqued our readers' interest over the year.
27 December 2018

Rethink that extra drink: a glass of wine takes half an hour to walk off

Behavioural intervention stops revellers from stacking on the kilos, say researchers.
19 December 2018

Were you paying attention in 2018? Take our quiz

6 questions that will test your recall.
19 December 2018

Concern over booze ads in GP waiting room

Infotainment provider says its placing of alcohol ads into a medical setting was a 'genuine error'.
19 December 2018

More valsartan recalled because of contamination

The TGA says all Apotex valsartan has been recalled due to the presence of trace amounts of an impurity.
19 December 2018

'It will get worse': Aussie GP recalls experience at epicentre of Ebola crisis

Dr Saschveen Singh says nothing prepared her for the reality of providing hands-on clinical care while wearing personal protective equipment.
19 December 2018