Published Articles

Australia's food rating system needs 'urgent revamp'

The current system is confusing and doesn't discriminate between products with different sodium levels: review.
26 February 2019

AHPRA lifts dietary advice ban on controversial surgeon Gary Fettke

After two years, the watchdog has stood down over the doctor's vocal advocacy of low carb-high fat diet to patients with diabetes.
02 October 2018

Try a probiotic for colicky babies

GPs can offer evidence-based advice for settling these infants
09 August 2018

Could a spoonful of sugar help the obesity go down?

A mandatory sugar rating system based on teaspoons is one of the government’s latest proposals for tackling obesity and has received backing from public health advocates.
12 July 2018

Pete Evans accuses AMA of wanting to keep Australians unhealthy

Celebrity chef Pete Evans has accused the AMA of having an interest in keeping Australians unhealthy following calls for his controversial documentary promoting ketogenic diets as a treatment for autism and cancer to be pulled from Netflix.
04 June 2018

Food star ratings are actually fairly accurate, large audit concludes

They’ve come in for some bad press, but health star ratings are actually doing a fairly good job of defining what a nutritious packaged food is, a study reveals.
10 May 2018

Milk drink's anti-dementia claims are mostly froth

A nutritional drink spruiked as ‘putting the brakes’ on Alzheimer’s failed to show any benefit on the primary cognitive outcome in a randomised controlled trial.
02 November 2017

Chocolate trial goes into meltdown

A trial of chocolate to prevent pre-eclampsia has been abandoned after failing to attract enough women to eat the treat on a daily basis.
22 September 2017

Peanut allergy cured in long-term Australian trial

An immunotherapy treatment for peanut allergy in children produces desensitisation that persists for four years, Victorian researchers have shown.
16 August 2017