Published Articles

Australia's food rating system needs 'urgent revamp'

The current system is confusing and doesn't discriminate between products with different sodium levels: review.
26 February 2019

'Gaining health': RACGP calls for new language around obesity

The college says 'well-intentioned but insensitive' comments are harming patients.
19 February 2019

New weight-loss drug combines naltrexone and bupropion

However, the withdrawal rates from earlier trials was as high as 50%.
07 February 2019

Rethink that extra drink: a glass of wine takes half an hour to walk off

Behavioural intervention stops revellers from stacking on the kilos, say researchers.
19 December 2018

Obesity inquiry supports GP calls for chronic disease item

MBS rules need rewriting to clarify that obesity is a disease, select committee says.
11 December 2018

Gastric banding offers sustained weight loss 'for up to 20 years'

Obese patients lose an average of 30kg following surgery, researchers say.
24 October 2018

High rates of obesity linked to chronic kidney disease

Younger age and male gender are associated with higher obesity levels
31 August 2018

Could a spoonful of sugar help the obesity go down?

A mandatory sugar rating system based on teaspoons is one of the government’s latest proposals for tackling obesity and has received backing from public health advocates.
12 July 2018