Published Articles

Review of 12 studies defogs safe heat thresholds in pregnancy

Pregnant women can safely sit in hot baths or saunas, provided they don’t exceed explicit thresholds, Australian researchers say.
07 March 2018

Ambulatory BP monitoring vital after severe pre-eclampsia

Many women with severe pre-eclampsia remain hypertensive after pregnancy, but the condition is missed in two out of five cases unless ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is used, a study suggests.
22 February 2018

Plea for nicotine therapy in pregnancy

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is safer than continuing smoking in pregnancy, and GPs should be more aggressive in encouraging its use, according to findings of an MJA review.
04 December 2017

Pregnancy a heavier burden than previously thought

Pregnancy-related weight gain is more widespread and substantial than previously thought, new Australian research shows.
30 November 2017