Published Articles

Plea for nicotine therapy in pregnancy

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) is safer than continuing smoking in pregnancy, and GPs should be more aggressive in encouraging its use, according to findings of an MJA review.
04 December 2017

Pregnancy a heavier burden than previously thought

Pregnancy-related weight gain is more widespread and substantial than previously thought, new Australian research shows.
30 November 2017

60-second cord-clamping slashes mortality risk

Delaying cord-clamping in pre-term infants reduces hospital mortality by a third compared to early clamping, an Australian review shows.
31 October 2017

Progesterone pessaries 'an ineffective treatment'

Progesterone pessaries have no benefit for preterm birth prevention, say researchers who found they had no benefit on neonatal morbidity.
04 October 2017

GP beats $380k claim over missed pregnancy

Disgruntled mother wanted GP to cover the costs of her daughter's upbringing.
27 September 2017

Chocolate trial goes into meltdown

A trial of chocolate to prevent pre-eclampsia has been abandoned after failing to attract enough women to eat the treat on a daily basis.
22 September 2017

App beats eyeball test for newborn jaundice: study

A new app could transform neonatal screening for jaundice by allowing GPs to accurately estimate a newborn’s bilirubin levels using phone camera images.
01 September 2017