Published Articles

Conceiving with endometriosis easier than first thought

GPs can tell these women that infertility is not common, say researchers.
17 December 2018

GPs urged to prescribe omega-3 fatty acids in pregnancy

The call comes as a Cochrane review reports the supplements clearly lower the risk of preterm birth.
06 December 2018

Cerebral palsy is declining and symptoms are milder

The trend follows efforts to improve the management of high-risk pregnancies, says expert.
04 December 2018

RANZCOG responds to GP concerns about shared care

GP obstetricians are the 'ultimate continuity of care providers'.
04 December 2018

Here's why shared care isn't working for GPs

COMMENT: Somewhere along the way, we stopped talking to each other.
03 December 2018

Comment: Too many GPs are fighting a pressured, low burn battle

COMMENT: Pregnant women are being told, often falsely, that GP shared care is not an option.
29 November 2018

AusDoc survey finds a third of GPs unhappy with antenatal shared care

However, many are content with the scheme, according to our survey.
29 November 2018

How moves to grant a fetus 'personhood' could backfire on doctors

If Zoe's Law passes, it would be on collision course with itself, expert argues.
23 November 2018

Bigger bubs are twice as likely to be obese kids

But gestational diabetes isn't the biggest indicator of childhood obesity, study shows.
22 November 2018

Is GP antenatal shared care working? Take our survey

Australian Doctor is looking to gauge doctors' experiences with shared care.
20 November 2018