Published Articles

Doctors call to abolish 'cruel' police checks for IVF couples

The checks are discriminatory and amount to criminal profiling, they say.
12 September 2018

Midwives encourage training on turning breech using mugwort

But critics say its support of unproven therapies is a return to the dark ages
31 August 2018

DrinkWise pulls 'misleading' pregnancy warning posters from GP practices

The AMA has called for greater transparency from the alcohol industry to prevent 'undue influence'
29 August 2018

Pregnant pause: Big shift in advice for GPs to give mums-to-be

Cell-free DNA screening is now an acceptable first-line test.
22 August 2018

Fetus dies amid record high syphilis outbreak in Victoria

A fetal death from congenital syphilis and a spike in Victorian syphilis cases has prompted health authorities to urge doctors to ensure at-risk groups are tested.
10 August 2018

Flu vax warnings for pregnant women to be relaxed

Widespread use supports them being classed as Category A, says the TGA
03 August 2018

Death of 11 babies in sildenafil trial sparks review in Australia

Reports that 11 babies have died in a Dutch clinical trial of sildenafil is having repercussions in Australia, where the same drug has been used in pregnant women
25 July 2018

Higher risk of heart defects for babies of type 1 mums: study

Poor glycaemic control at the time of conception was associated with a progressively increased risk
19 July 2018

Why I think RANZCOG is wrong on low-risk homebirths

A review that suggested planned homebirths for low-risk women were safe caused alarm when RANZCOG condemned its conclusions. The author of that review says these fears are misplaced
26 June 2018

Why coeliac disease might explain women's fertility problems

Women with undiagnosed coeliac disease have an increased risk of miscarriage and stillbirth, a large population-based study shows.
21 June 2018