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Medical Must-See: Woman gives birth, tumour disappears

When this woman was diagnosed with a brain tumour during her last month of pregnancy, the decision was made to hold off on surgery until after delivery, but in a strange turn of events, giving birth turned out to be the best treatment.
25 May 2018

Evidence on home birth safety 'not relevant' to Australia

The obstetricians’ college has rebutted suggestions that the weight of evidence supports home births over hospital deliveries for maternal and infant outcomes.
17 May 2018

GP obstetrician found negligent over 'traumatic' delivery

A GP obstetrician has been found negligent over the “traumatic” vacuum extraction delivery of a now eight-year-old boy, who has been awarded $4 million in damages.
05 April 2018

Review of 12 studies defogs safe heat thresholds in pregnancy

Pregnant women can safely sit in hot baths or saunas, provided they don’t exceed explicit thresholds, Australian researchers say.
07 March 2018

Ambulatory BP monitoring vital after severe pre-eclampsia

Many women with severe pre-eclampsia remain hypertensive after pregnancy, but the condition is missed in two out of five cases unless ambulatory blood pressure monitoring is used, a study suggests.
22 February 2018