Published Articles

Reassurance for women who have had a stillbirth

The time between pregnancies plays no part in the risk of another stillbirth: large-scale study.
04 March 2019

Miscarriage risk from OTC thrush meds could 'prompt rethink'

Higher doses increase risk of cardiac anomalies by 80%: study.
22 February 2019

'Unusually high' spike in summer flu sparks vax reminder

More than 7000 cases have been reported to health authorities nationally.
08 February 2019

Opioids linked to rise in abdominal birth defects

Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should be advised to avoid the drug, says expert.
05 February 2019

Experts want to expand maternal pertussis vax window by 8 weeks

It comes as two studies show antibodies are higher among women vaccinated earlier.
24 January 2019

IVF: The Medicare cuts the government won't make

MBS review says current funding is being wasted.
17 January 2019

Conceiving with endometriosis easier than first thought

GPs can tell these women that infertility is not common, say researchers.
17 December 2018

GPs urged to prescribe omega-3 fatty acids in pregnancy

The call comes as a Cochrane review reports the supplements clearly lower the risk of preterm birth.
06 December 2018

Cerebral palsy is declining and symptoms are milder

The trend follows efforts to improve the management of high-risk pregnancies, says expert.
04 December 2018

RANZCOG responds to GP concerns about shared care

GP obstetricians are the 'ultimate continuity of care providers'.
04 December 2018