Published Articles

Nearly half of screen-detected prostate cancer cases are overdiagnosed

Researchers say they're the first to put a number on it in Australia.
11 March 2019

Read Australia's new sunscreen guidelines

New guidelines aim to protect against the incidental sun exposure that can lead to skin cancer.
25 January 2019

Dr Charlie Teo to trial medical cannabis on patients with brain cancer

Complementary medicine researchers will compare high- and low-dose THC.
29 October 2018

Will the cervical cancer screening register be taken away from Telstra?

A parliamentary committee suggests terminating the telco's $220 million contract.
24 October 2018

Breast cancer recurrence risk lingers for years after treatment

The risk of breast cancer recurrence remains considerable in women up to 20 years after completing the standard five years of endocrine therapy, a UK review has found.
17 November 2017

BRCA tests will be added to the MBS: Here's what it means for GPs

BRCA genetic tests for breast and ovarian cancer are to be added to the MBS from 1 November.
12 October 2017

Ex-Hockeyroo forged GP letter to defraud charity

A former Hockeyroo star who faked letters from doctors saying she needed cancer treatment has pleaded guilty to defrauding the charity where she worked.
11 October 2017