Published Articles

'Use extreme caution': Man's death prompts warning on atropine eye drops

Perth man died from ingesting a toxic amount of the medication prescribed to treat hypersalivation.
26 September 2018

This eye sign predicts melanoma risk

Benign pigmented lesions of the iris predict melanoma risk in the same way as hair colour and skin type, Queensland researchers have shown.
09 January 2018

Poor referrals leave cataract patients languishing for years

Patients with cataracts shouldn't need to spend years on elective surgery waiting lists, ophthalmologists say.
23 November 2017

6 other medical stories you need to know about today

The AMA on addiction; immunisation rates up; supplements for AMD; peak flu; dairy allergies; chronic fatigue.
02 August 2017

Diabetic retinopathy: what could have been done for Christina?

Case study: how missed interventions led to serious diabetes complications
28 June 2017

New MBS items a 'game-changer' for GP eye checks

New Medicare item numbers for non-mydriatic photography will be a “game-changer” for diabetic retinopathy screening in primary care, a leading ophthalmologist claims.
20 January 2017

GPs trial diabetic retinopathy screening

GPs in Perth are trialling a new model of diabetic retinopathy screening that aims to cut unnecessary referrals to ophthalmologists.
15 November 2016

Which specialists spend the least time in public hospitals?

The time doctors dedicate to treating public hospital patients varies widely across specialties and may explain the lengthy waiting lists blighting the sector, an Australian study suggests.
05 September 2016

AMD supplements not preventive, warn ophthalmologists

Patients are being urged not to waste their money on expensive 'eye health’ antioxidant supplements that have no benefit in preventing age-related macular degeneration.
24 March 2016