Published Articles

5 fluoridation myths debunked

The NHMRC has attempted to smash persistent myths about the alleged health damage caused by water fluoridation.
21 September 2016

New dentists earn more than new doctors

Medical graduates are beaten by dentists when it comes to being the top earners after leaving university.
19 May 2016

Patients to get just $40 a year under Turnbull's dental plan

Children and patients on low incomes will get just $40 a year for dental treatment under the Federal Government's “smoke and mirrors” dental scheme, it has been claimed.
27 April 2016

No link between teething and fever: study

The idea that teething can cause fever in infants is a myth that needs to be debunked, say dentists.
19 February 2016

GPs divided over infant tongue-tie surgery

A Queensland GP has sparked debate after warning of the dangers of tongue-tie surgery in newborn babies.
27 January 2016

Dentist pleads guilty to more assault charges

A Sydney dentist who unnecessarily filed down the teeth of elderly people to make extra money has pleaded guilty to further assault charges.
03 September 2015

Fake dentist should be in jail admits judge

A man who ran a backyard dentist operation from his Melbourne garage for more than a decade has been fined $20,000.
14 August 2015

Oral checks warding off jaw osteonecrosis

A once-feared adverse effect of antiresorptive treatments, osteonecrosis of the jaw, has been almost banished from Australia following the introduction of routine dental checks.
12 August 2015

AHPRA extracting 'backyard' dental clinics

Australia's health watchdog has raided several alleged backyard dental clinics that community sources claim have been operating in disadvantaged Melbourne suburbs for a decade.
23 June 2015

Most people are sick, global study shows

More than 95% of the global population has at least one health problem annually, research shows. See our infrograph here.
15 June 2015