Published Articles

Age no barrier for knee replacement, Aussie research finds

Being under 50 or over 90 were previously considered contraindications for the surgery.
18 February 2019

Vale Dr Bruce Shepherd AM: 'A giant of the profession'

Former AMA president Dr Bruce Shepherd will be remembered as a pioneer of services for children with hearing loss.
06 June 2018

Shoulder surgery little better than placebo

Decompression surgery does not reduce subacromial shoulder pain any more than arthroscopy and is little better than no treatment at all, a major study has shown.
21 November 2017

Platelet-rich plasma: Don't believe the hype

Athletes and celebrities should not be hyping platelet-rich plasma injections for wound healing and rejuvenation, researchers say.
12 August 2017

Fracture clinics want GPs to take on more referrals

EDs could refer more patients with fractures to their GP to relieve pressure on overburdened specialist fracture clinics, say orthopaedic surgeons say.
19 June 2017

Taskforce says GPs should lose access to knee MRIs for over-50s

GPs will be lose MBS ordering privileges for knee MRIs for patients aged 50 or older under proposals from the MBS Review Taskforce.
07 June 2017

Expert panel advises against arthroscopy for degenerative knee disease

Knee arthroscopy should not be performed to treat degenerative knee disease, according to an expert panel.
12 May 2017

Noisy knees predict arthritis

Frequency of crepitus is a simple and effective predictor of onset of knee osteoarthritis in middle-aged and older people, US research shows.
08 May 2017

Skype rehab is the answer to knee pain

Skype sessions with physiotherapists can dramatically improve pain and function in knee osteoarthritis.
23 February 2017

GPs advised to cut opioid doses before referring for hip or knee surgery

GPs in WA are being asked to reduce patients’ opiate doses before being sent for hip or knee surgery.
21 February 2017