Published Articles

Nauru GP wins international free speech award

'There’s the old phrase that the standard you walk past is the standard you accept – it was just unacceptable.'
18 January 2019

Parents testing infant allergies in doctors' car parks

Changing advice on feeding might be adding to parental concerns.
17 January 2019

Children's cellulitis score will aid treatment pathway

And it it likely to help reduce complications, say researchers.
09 January 2019

Childhood seizures linked to later mental illness

Those with both febrile seizures and epilepsy have almost three times the risk of developing schizophrenia in adulthood, study says
11 December 2018

1 in 3 young women with heavy periods have underlying bleeding disorder

Study findings are a reminder to investigate the condition thoroughly.
11 December 2018

MenACWY shortages will persist into the new year

It had been hoped the issue would be resolved two months ago.
10 December 2018

Bigger bubs are twice as likely to be obese kids

But gestational diabetes isn't the biggest indicator of childhood obesity, study shows.
22 November 2018

Oral immunotherapy could provide 'safety net' for kids with peanut allergy

Children and adolescents were able to build up their tolerance to peanut protein, say researchers.
21 November 2018

Clonidine scripts for under-6s implicated in poisonings

It's not recommended for young children, but is prescribed anyway.
19 November 2018