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Chiros banned from performing spinal manipulation on kids under two

The chiropractic board's interim policy is 'designed to protect the public' until the results of an inquiry are released.
15 March 2019

What exactly is chiropractic paediatric spinal manipulation used to treat?

ANALYSIS: Australian Doctor goes looking for answers ... without much luck.
14 March 2019

Ministers weigh legal ban on spinal manipulation in kids

The move follows public outcry over Melbourne chiropractor filmed dangling newborn by its ankles.
11 March 2019

Six of the worst: Yes, you will lose sleep over kids

Study quantifies exactly how much sleep parents should expect to lose.
04 March 2019

Skin patch for kids with peanut allergy shows promise

But trial results failed to meet a statistical element of the primary outcome, say researchers.
25 February 2019

'Baby video' chiro banned from treating kids while under investigation

But the RACGP is calling for a ban on any paediatric spinal manipulation.
22 February 2019

Kids checks: Should you use gloves all the time?

RACP releases guide on use of gloves when examining children.
22 February 2019

'Worrying trend': Self-poisoning rates among kids double

A spike in self-harm over the past decade was mostly driven by those born after 1997.
21 February 2019

Anaesthesia has 'no lasting impact' on kids' brain development

However, the safety of longer or repeated exposures is unclear, say researchers.
19 February 2019

A tribute to Australia's longest practising doctor - Dr Neville Rothfield

He started treating patients when doctors first began prescribing a genuine wonder drug: penicillin.
19 February 2019