Published Articles

Paediatricians puzzled as bed-wetting referrals dry up

Bed-wetting is a common paediatric problem but paediatricians are questioning why they see very few children referred to them for management of the condition.
11 January 2018

How to manage shortages of hep B vaccine

As hepatitis B vaccine shortages continue, immunisation providers are being advised not to mix different brands of paediatric hepatitis B vaccine to make up one adult dose.
01 September 2017

Don’t ignore chronic cough in kids: study

Chronic cough in a child should be investigated early and thoroughly because it is usually a sign of bacterial infection or serious underlying lung disease.
22 August 2017

Peanut allergy cured in long-term Australian trial

An immunotherapy treatment for peanut allergy in children produces desensitisation that persists for four years, Victorian researchers have shown.
16 August 2017

Flu season shaping up to be one of the worst on record

It's the largest outbreak for "quite some time", says one public health physician.
15 August 2017

Win-win for earlier MMRV vax

Giving combined MMR-varicella vaccine at 18 months has paid off, with better vaccine coverage and no increased risk of febrile reactions, a study shows.
15 August 2017

Antibiotics may be justified in AOM with bulging eardrum

Just two children need to be treated with antibiotics to prevent one case of worsening ear pain or perforation.
14 August 2017

Does cocooning still have a role in pertussis?

New Australian research has put fresh emphasis on the question.
07 August 2017