Published Articles

Up there, Cazaly: Are painkiller injections in sport safe?

Players face complications from exposure to local anaesthetics.
18 March 2019

Mindfulness is effective for chronic pain, studies show

It was on par with CBT for physical functioning and pain intensity.
12 February 2019

SafeScript issues alerts for 3300 patients in two months

Victoria prepares to roll out the real-time script-tracking software statewide in April.
07 January 2019

A third of hospitals regularly prescribe opioids on discharge 'just in case'

Hospital pharmacists say the practice is concerning.
27 November 2018

More evidence of pregabalin misuse: 12-fold spike in emergency calls

Is toughening PBS criteria the solution?
26 November 2018

Introduction of naloxone combo may have encouraged oxycodone use

An increased uptake of the combination drug likely 'related to its effects on constipation'
16 November 2018

Pharmacy pain check trial 'a risk' to patients

A $20 million experiment for pharmacists to create 'action plans' had no input from pain specialists.
14 November 2018

Concern over high rate of surgical patients sent home on opioids

Australian study shows most post-op neuro and ortho patients are given almost 50 tablets on discharge
12 October 2018

GP struck off for prescribing to doctor-shoppers blames lack of training

IMG practised for seven years before learning about authority script system, tribunal finds.
03 October 2018

Pharmacies to be paid $100 for a patient consult in pain trial

Pharmacy Guild reveals details of government trial to assist people with chronic pain.
05 September 2018