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Why patients aren't using postoperative pain meds

Many patients experience significant post-surgical pain after hospital discharge despite being provided with analgesics, new Australian research shows.
07 July 2017

What are the most popular opioids in Australia?

The opioid market is booming in Australia, with 42 million packs sold across the country each year.
15 February 2016

Gliptins linked to arthralgia, FDA warns

The DPP-4 inhibitor drugs for type 2 diabetes may cause severe and disabling arthralgia, the FDA has warned, though Australian specialists say it is a rare adverse event.
02 September 2015

How much is sex to blame for lower back pain?

Interactive: From lifting heavy crates to sex, a recent survey has shed light on the types of activities that cause lower back pain.
29 June 2015

Statin muscle aches are all in the mind

Statin intolerance is rare and most of the muscle aches reported by patients taking the drugs are due to old age rather than a drug side effect, a leading cardiovascular researcher says.
13 March 2015

8 things that trigger back pain — and 2 that don’t

Acute attacks of back pain are most likely to be triggered by doing manual tasks when tired, distracted and in the morning, a survey of GP patients finds
11 February 2015

Childbirth interventions lead to pain during sex

Women who have a caesarean, forceps, or vacuum extraction birth are more likely experience pain during sex up to 18 months later, Australian research shows.
21 January 2015

Pain relief link to oxycodone deaths

A massive rise in oxycodone-related deaths is being driven by patients with legitimate prescriptions for pain relief, not abusers chasing a “high”, a national study shows.
26 November 2014