Published Articles

Public warned to stop judging patients with lung cancer

Patients with lung cancer are four times more likely to take their own lives.
21 January 2019

Patients who miss GP appointments die earlier: study

Even an occasional no-show is bad for your health.
14 January 2019

Revealed: New rules on sexual boundaries between doctors and patients

Medical board's latest guidelines include a section on physical examinations.
28 November 2018

Ethically vexed? Charlie Teo and crowdfunding for treatments of last resort

Comment: Public appeals for life-saving surgery are on the rise, but are they worth it?
01 November 2018

Hospitals told: Don't write to GPs, write to patients

This should help patients better understand what's going on, says new UK guidance.
07 September 2018

Patients say the funniest things to GPs

Real stories that might just tickle your funny bone.
06 September 2018

Health ministers move to give patients right to appeal AHPRA decisions

Other proposals include allowing non-doctors to chair the board
23 August 2018

Relationships matter - why patients love their GPs

Survey findings are a 'success story' for general practice
03 August 2018

My Health Record opt-out: 'I don't think it's gone well'

The My Health Record website crashed on Monday after patients flocked to the site to opt out of having a record automatically created for them come November.
17 July 2018

Chaperone admits to leaving accused GP alone with female patients

A practice nurse who agreed to chaperone a GP charged with indecent assault has been suspended after admitting that she left him alone to treat female patients
10 July 2018