Published Articles

No spike in opioid analgesics after OTC codeine ban

Researchers refute the pharmacy guild's warning that patients would start seeking higher-strength analgesics.
12 March 2019

Landmark study links DAAs to better survival in hep C patients

The results counter an inflammatory Cochrane review that questioned the drugs, say gastroenterologists.
13 February 2019

EpiPen shortage officially over: TGA

Supply issues with the device have finally been resolved after a nine-month national shortage.
24 January 2019

Introduction of naloxone combo may have encouraged oxycodone use

An increased uptake of the combination drug likely 'related to its effects on constipation'
16 November 2018

Proposed PPI restrictions scrapped after doctor backlash

No endoscopies necessary for repeat scripts of standard doses.
19 September 2018

Figures show GPs are stepping up to the plate on hepatitis C

GPs are taking up the challenge of prescribing life-saving hepatitis C drugs, looking after about 37% of all patients receiving treatment, new data show.
08 March 2018

Eight reasons GPs aren’t prescribing antivirals for hepatitis C

PBS listing of direct acting antivirals (DAAs) for hepatitis C has failed to persuade 95% of GPs to prescribe them, a survey from NSW suggests.
08 January 2018

Report reveals $1 billion savings from statin price cuts

PBS spending on statins has dropped by almost a billion dollars a year due to the price disclosure rules that force drug companies to reveal the real world prices of their medicines, new figures show.
20 December 2017