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'Tough' new laws to protect against medicine shortages pass Senate

Pharma companies will have two days to alert the TGA, or face $210k fine.
11 September 2018

Pharma will be given two days to report critical medicine shortages

Pharma companies will have to alert the TGA about looming shortages of critical medicines within two days under tough new reporting laws before Parliament
29 June 2018

What you need to know about the EpiPen shortage

Media reports of a national shortage of EpiPens have sent some patients with allergies into a panic, but doctors are being advised that alternative options exist.
09 November 2017

Two years on, there's still no sign of pharma's doctor payment database

The pharmaceutical industry says it is struggling to set up a centralised database.
22 May 2017

What you need to know about the latest sleeping pill

The orexin-receptor antagonist suvorexant is now available on the private market in Australia.
17 May 2017

DOACs supersede warfarin for anticoagulation

There was a noteable surge in use soon after they became available on the PBS from late 2013.
14 February 2017

Patient groups are industry mouthpieces, academics say

Patient advocacy groups need to stop accepting industry funding if they want to have any credibility and be free of bias, say Australian academics.
19 January 2017

11 new drugs that were taken to heart by prescribers in 2016

Which new drugs did prescribers get behind this year? We take a look at the end of year PBS data.
19 December 2016

6 trends in PBS prescribing

Major changes in prescribing patterns are revealed in PBS figures for 2015 released this week.
06 September 2016