Published Articles

'Incredibly unhelpful': Antidepressant guidelines need urgent update

These medications are causing withdrawal effects that are often long-lasting and severe, say researchers.
16 October 2018

Caution urged over vitamin D review findings

Clashing views over whether Australian guidelines should be updated.
15 October 2018

The remarkable story of the Australian doctor who revolutionised bipolar treatment

Australian Dr John Cade’s name is not widely recognised, yet he is largely responsible for a drug that has transformed the lives of millions.
05 April 2018

Do GPs really have a problem with fentanyl?

And are prescribing restrictions the best way to tackle misuse?
07 November 2017

Why Augmentin is in the PBS's firing line

A new report expresses concern about its overuse, particularly in general practice.
09 August 2017

NOACs drive rise in AF anticoagulant use: study

The availability of novel oral anticoagulants has increased the use of stroke prevention therapy for AF, particularly for high-risk patients, an Australian study shows.
27 July 2017

Elderly people pressured to sell prescription painkillers to cover funeral costs

Drug dealers are pressuring elderly patients to sell their prescription opioids, saying the money they get can be used to fund their funerals, it has emerged.
13 July 2017

GPs urged to use action plans to manage statin pain

NPS MedicineWise has released a guide to help GPs identify and manage statin-associated muscle symptoms, with a written ‘patient action plan’.
28 June 2017

How to tackle antipsychotic-induced weight gain

Antipsychotic-associated obesity can be avoided with diabetes drugs such as liraglutide, studies show. But psychiatrist Associate Professor Dan Siskind says it’s early days for prophylaxis.
20 June 2017