Published Articles

No spike in opioid analgesics after OTC codeine ban

Researchers refute the pharmacy guild's warning that patients would start seeking higher-strength analgesics.
12 March 2019

Concern over calls to shift asthma care from 'GP-centric' model

New discussion paper suggests involving community pharmacists in the development of patients' action plans.
06 March 2019

Pharmacy board outlines its prescribing plans

Australia needs more prescribers to make up for a doctor shortage, says the regulator.
05 March 2019

TGA unveils plan to make more medicines available OTC

Introducing Schedule 3-and-a-bit.
26 February 2019

Turnstile, cream-skim medicine? RACGP hits back at Pharmacy Guild

President Dr Harry Nespolon responds to the lobby group's attack on GPs.
13 February 2019

MBS Review: Proposal to fund pharmacists' medicine reviews

The task force has recommended more support for non-dispensing pharmacists.
12 February 2019

Pharmacy Guild says GPs working 'turnstile operations' filling time-slots with easy patients

COMMENT: Investing in general practice would be a 'disaster' for the MBS budget, claims guild's NSW president.
08 February 2019

Federal Court threatens GP's 24/7 pharmacy dreams

Judge pans Greg Hunt's 'intellectual engagement' on the issue, creating a legal headache for the clinic.
31 January 2019

A third of hospitals regularly prescribe opioids on discharge 'just in case'

Hospital pharmacists say the practice is concerning.
27 November 2018

Lonely GP jailed for attempted murder of pharmacist

The judge found the filleting knife was 'plainly a lethal weapon'.
16 November 2018