Published Articles

GP software to feature surgeons' fees and experience

A private health fund-backed database will link into GP software from next year.
19 November 2018

AHPRA weighs in on 'potentially unlawful' editing of negative online patient reviews

AHPRA is warning GP clinic booking sites that editing negative patient reviews to sound more positive could fall foul of the law
14 June 2018

Practices repay average of $9k each for My Health Record failures

Practices have lost almost $11 million in eHealth incentives after failing to meet new requirements to upload My Health Record documents, the Department of Health has revealed.
20 December 2017

GP practices dodge red tape headache in dark web fallout

GP practices look like they have escaped being mired in more red tape in the aftermath of the media furore over Medicare numbers being sold on the dark web.
16 October 2017

Don't overreact to Medicare dark web revelations, AMA urges

The Federal Government has been warned not to hit practices with more red tape when it responds to revelations that Medicare numbers are being sold on the dark web.
04 September 2017

Medicare 'dark web' scam could mean more red tape for GPs

Practices may face tougher security measures when looking up patients' Medicare details.
10 July 2017

How harmful are healthcare hackers?

Hair-raising stories about hacking and health data breaches might sell newspapers, but are we overreacting?

24 May 2017