Published Articles

1 in 4 primary care nurses 'under-utilised': survey

Nurses say their requests for more complex work are being turned down by employers.
14 March 2019

GPs find COPD but interventions prove harder

Practice nurse teams can identify COPD in its early stages but interventions prove more difficult to implement, a trial from NSW has shown.
23 August 2016

Expert Insight: The reality of $30 Pap smears

Are pathologists scaremongering over $30 Pap smear fees?
08 January 2016

Professional society set up for primary care diabetes

A new group has been set up to provide a professional voice for primary care practitioners working in diabetes care.
15 December 2015

13 things GPs should know ahead of 'no jab, no pay'

The 'no jab, no pay' program starting in 2016 means that several hundred thousand families with unvaccinated children face losing family assistance payments worth up to $15,000 a year.
09 December 2015

14 ways to minimise the pain of immunisation

Researchers have developed an evidence-based guide for ways to minimise the pain children fear when it comes time for vaccine injections.
25 August 2015

9 areas covered in RACGP's new funding model

A revised funding model for GPs drawn up by the RACGP would see PIP and SIP payments replaced by a new nine-pronged payment scheme.
16 April 2015

Quit rates no higher with nurse intervention

Practice nurse interventions do not improve smoking cessation rates unless smokers are already motivated to quit, new Australian research shows.
20 February 2015

13 ways general practice has changed in a decade

Older, busier, and more feminine: the latest BEACH study report has highlighted many areas in which GPs and general practice have changed since 2004.
13 November 2014